Joshua Schlichting

Experienced developer with a strong background in Python, C#/.NET, and SQL.


Technical Architect

Sallie Mae Bank - IT
  • Created internal monitoring system for processes essential to company’s compliance with federal laws using Python/SQL, drastically reducing the amount of human error involved in ensuring automated tasks ran as expected.
  • Developed intranet website as a front end to an internal monitoring system using Apache/Python/Django/JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax.
  • Single-handedly stood up Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers in dev/prod environments, manually configured necessary ODBC drivers, mounted CIFS drives, networking configurations, and installation of multiple Python Virtual Environments.
  • Created multiple fault tolerant C#/.NET microservices for automating the human processing of data files on TN3270 terminal, validates all files using regex, implements a custom domain specific language in XML, logs to PostgreSQL db, accepts user input while also utilizing a CLI, utilizes terminal GUI’s API, replaces a full time employee position.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate several server assets from previous vendor into AWS.
  • Developed loan amortization calculator using C#/.NET and WPF, eliminating dependency on unmaintainable legacy process.
  • Constructed cross-IDE syntax integration software with C#/WPF, acts as “middle-man” between different environments that require IDE specific syntax (i.e. different SQL editors require different variable identifiers).
  • Identified need for, created, and implemented a common code library for FDR IT Automation Team, drastically reducing the amount of duplicated code in team’s code base while also reducing future maintenance costs.

March 2017 - Present

Reporting Anaylst (.NET (C#) /SQL/SAS Developer)

Sallie Mae Bank - Business Optimization
  • Work in Visual Studio (using C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Razor, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap) to develop reporting wiki page, providing the company with a central location to find information and meta data related to all reporting and data feeds.
  • Develop with Visual Studio (C# and FlexCel for Excel), batch file scripting, and SAS E-Guide to automate routine work, reducing man-hours lost to manually performed tasks. These tasks include executing SQL queries, producing Excel workbooks for executive level reporting, and production data feeds necessary for daily bank operations.
  • Support back-end of reporting wiki website by developing a normalized relational database and appropriate entity relationship diagrams for such.
  • Work with project managers and department leaders to design, develop, and implement new data feeds needed to improve the call center’s ability to support customer inquiries.
  • Query/analyze databases and information systems using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Aginity Workbench for IBM Netezza, SAS Enterprise Guide, Data Toad and more.
  • Monitor hundreds of scheduled tasks to ensure that databases are being fed current and accurate data.
  • Update stored procedures, tables, and functions as business needs change and evolve.
  • Prepare and present data/reports to all levels of management.
  • Create data views to facilitate customer reporting needs as well as the needs of the reporting team.

January 2015- March 2017


Pennsylvania State University

Master's Degree, Software Engineering
2019 - Current

University of Phoenix

Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering

GPA: 3.8

2013 - 2016

Community College of the Air Force

Associates Degree, Instructor of Technology and Military Science
2011 - 2013

Community College of the Air Force

Associates Degree, Aviation Maintenance Technology
2010 - 2012


Programming Languages & Tools


I should first say here, that programming IS my interest. It's what I do, at work, and at home. It's my #1 passion. Aside from that, I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and some occasional computer games.

Awards & Certifications